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Permanent Art exhibitions

Galerie atelier 151 rue Galliéni à Vittel

Galerie de l’Hotel de Saulx à Beaune

Galerie la chrisomèle  à Clermont Ferrand

Galerie du vieux pont Trignac 19260

Rewelch galerie Seattle USA

Galerie Rollebeek Bruxelles

Galerie Cadrart Dijon

Galerie Golino Liège (marchand)

Galerie au temps qui passe Genolier  Suisse

Galerie pastel Girault à Montignac



Year devoted to permanent art exhibition, to dissemination on social networks

and teaching online and during internships

May : Art in Luxeuil meadow

June : Kaisersberg

June from the 6th to the 21st : group exhibition in the biennial organized by Isartis in Raon l'étape (5 pastellists)

July August : group exhibition with the society of pastellists of France at FEYTIAT

September group exhibition with the society of pastellists of France in TOURNUS (I will animate a course there)


February: personal art exhibition at the chateau of Saint Max 54

spring summer : pastel exhibition gallery Le pouliguen

June: Kaiserberg art-pur fair (Alsace)

July 15th to 24th guest of honor at the Liezey salon

August: 07/26 to 08/10 retrospective exhibition of the last 10 years (120 oils and pastels): Palais des Congrès de Vittel

October 19th and 20th : Guest of honor at the Pagny sur Moselle fair

December : Guest of honor at the salon des pastellistes de France in Yerres (south of Paris)

Art exhibition in the Luxeuil barn


Participation (20 paintings and pastels) in the inauguration of the gallery of the old bridge in Trignac (Corrèze)

Personal exhibition from 18th March to the 8 April at the Galerie "au temps qui passe" Genolier

Personal exhibition at the Cadrart gallery in Dijon March 2018

Guest of honor at the Belgian pastellists fair April 2018 in Namur

Exhibition July August 2018 in Feytiat with pastellists from France

Participation in pastel days at Feytiat (demonstrations, conference "Painting has you a soul")


Exhibition August 2017 in Tournus with pastellists from France

Exhibition August 2017 in Feytiat with pastellists from France

Lunéville Fair

Creation of a giant mosaic at Vittel (9 m2)

Permanent art exhibition at the Girault pastel gallery in Montignac

Personal Exhibitions: He has made numerous personal exhibitions in municipal spaces: gallery of the bailiff at Epinal 1985 1986, town hall of La Rochelle 1985, Palais des Congrès de Royan 1986, etc.
He has exhibited in numerous galleries in France, Belgium, the United States, Holland.
Galerie Délicearium 1984 Poitiers, Galerie de la Grée Orvault (1985, 1987, 1989), Galerie Yves de Gans Reims (1995, 1996), Galerie Vendome Paris 1993, Galerie Titren Beaune1994, Galerie du Prado Liège (1997, 1998, ……… ..2008), Cadrart gallery Dijon since 1999, Rewelch galery Seatle and Palm Désert since 2005. Galerie du Dauphin Honfleur 2004, Galerie Rollebeek Bruxelles, Galerie Olivier Nancy 2009.

Awards: He was often a guest of honor in salons in Lorraine and in the great east: Salon de Mirecourt, Neufchateau, Liezey, Langres, Nancy (salon of artists from Lorraine), Marly, Chaumont (March 2015), Nogent en Bassigny, Courchevel and Vandoeuvre (November 2015)
He participated as a great signature in the salons of Lunéville (2012) and Vittel (international salon of painting and sculpture in 2014 and 2015).

Giant works: From 1987 to 1992, he produced giant works (mosaics (100 m2 on the Alhambra cultural center) and murals in large hotels and in Vittel's casino in particular, but also in Carquefou, in Pornichet). of them were made in public like this summer 2015 (canvas 2 m x 3 m - 6.4ft x 9.6ft)

Pastellists of France:
Since 2010, he exhibits two to three times a year in the prestigious salons of the society of pastellists in France: Feytiat, Tournus, Hyerres, Saint Florent.

Teaching: 703/5000 He has organized numerous painting courses and trainings since 1985, particularly when he opened a gallery workshop in Vittel with Odile Bernard at the same time as in Nancy (atelier du passage bleu, in collaboration with Thierry Marié) in 1992. He continues this artistic sharing in his studio in Vittel and in other structures in France: Ballaruc, Le Glandier, but especially the society of pastellists in France. He has implemented a method that combines rigorous technique with creative spontaneity. It just appeared in the practical arts journal in a 4-page article. He enjoys working in front of the public, which he believes is the breeding ground for a balanced artistic practice.

Passionate about philosophy, he likes to practice "philopeinture et le philopastel", he likes to philosophize "by brush stroke"

From 1974 to now in pictures